Sep 6, 2012

Wave 2012, J-2

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A l’heure où l’on nous rabat les oreilles sur le départ d’un sulfureux « Canonball 2000 » en France, une autre course, plus discrète, s’apprête à démarrer…

Du 9 au 22 septembre, le rallye WAVE, le World Advanced Vehicle Expedition emmène un convoi de véhicules pas comme les autres pour 2700 km d’aventure à travers 6 pays européens.

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Le point commun de ces véhicules : ils sont tous animés par la fée électricité. 

Un seul équipage défendra les couleurs françaises dans cette équipée.

Gérard DUSAILLY et Yann LELONG conduiront une vaillante Citroën AX électrique, munie des dernières technologies de batteries, et lui autorisant une distance de 250 km entre chaque recharge.

L’AX n’avait pas la réputation d’être gourmande quant elle roulait au pétrole.

Beaucoup se souviendront de la réclame vantant la voiture de ceux qui ne mettent pas tout leur argent dans leur voiture !

Nous ne ferons pas mentir cette pub : notre AX a été l’objet de nombreuses attentions visant à réduire sa masse et sa traînée aérodynamique : panneaux de carrosserie réalisés en composites, vitres en polycarbonate, rabaissement de la suspension, et plancher plat, entre autres !

Elle s’est même payée le luxe de passer en soufflerie pour valider ces modifications.

Résultat : une consommation d’énergie réduite au minimum, pour profiter au maximum de ses nouvelles batteries lithium qui ont pris la place du système cadmium-nickel d’origine.

Au programme, 250 km de silence et d’air pur par plein d’électrons !

Et chaque jour, suivez notre aventure sur le blog !


Gérard Dusailly et Yann Lelong

Programme des Villes traversées par le Rallye :

Les équipes :
1.) TWIKE / Wolfgang Moescheid & Barbara Wilms (GER)

A TWIKE is a sporty electric vehicle that can do great distances!  It’s easy and efficient and can reach 200 km on one go and with its 10 KW/h battery; it has the capacity to load fast again. At the same time, a TWIKE can be driven by pedal power depending on the driver’s mood to keep fit or enjoy spectacular surrounding landscapes. The 2012 WAVE will stop at the TWIKE factory located in Rosenthal, Hessen and celebrate the manufacturing of the 1000th  TWIKE. For more information visit

2.) ETH SUNCAR / David Dyntar, Stefan Schneider, David Dyntar, Peter Goritschnig, Christian Lins, Matthias Gabathuler, Constantin Overlack (SWI)

The SunCar is a full electric vehicle based on the Lotus chassis. It was designed and built by students at the ETH Zurich and NTB Buchs. The car is driven by two electrical motors powered from a high-performance battery with a power of 250kW and 570Nm torque. This allows acceleration in less than 5 seconds and a range of 200 km. The heart of the innovative thermal management system is a reversible, highly efficient heat pump, by which the components can be cooled and heated. The on board charger allows a charging time of 3 hours. Built in CHAdeMO system enables charging in 30 minutes.

3.) Austria's GreenSportcar / Manfred Hillinger & Andreas Ranftl

This team believes in the energy transition and related electric mobility. The WAVE is a great event to show people that the future of our species will only consist with renewable energy and new and clean sustainable mobility forms. "We have lent the planet from our children! " It is up to us in what state we will give it to the next generation. Therefore, the Tesla Roadster is dedicated to a cleaner future and takes all efforts of the eight mobility-regions in Austria and international projects with it on the journey through Europe. What happens to the team on the tour across Europe will be documented in the team's blog at

4.) SÄMI / Jean-Pierre Kessler & Monika Koch (SWI)

When Jean-Pierre Kessler first saw a SAM, he was very much fascinated, because this car was so “genious and different” to anything the automobile industry has ever offered. Since he bought his SAM in 2003, he tried different battery systems in his vehicle,  from led-acid to ZEBRA and LIPO. Unfortunately, only about 880 SAMS of the first model were ever produced. Today however, SAM production continues in Poland. For the WAVE, Jean-Pierre had to convert his SAM and put the best batteries in it possibly. Much to his surprise, he got a lot of support from his friends Ruedi, Willi, Nathalie and Reto and his girlfriend and WAVE-co-pilot Monika. After a few months of construction and building, on one of his first test drives, the motor gave out on the Gotthard Pass. And – there was no more motor available for the old SAM! But luckily, Jean-Pierre met Christoph, who doesn’t live very far, who was happy to give him the motor of his old SAM, that hasn’t been moved since almost 10 years from his barn. Now it looks like the car will work and Jean-Pierre will be able to join the WAVE!
5.) SOLVENTURE / Walter Mikesch & Peter Keller (SWI)

6.) DUSAILLY / Gérard Dusailly & Yann Lelong (FRA)

7.) STADTWERKE OSNABRÜCK / Arne Ellerbrock & Christine (GER)

8.) BRUSA / Thomas Endriss & Marc Kudling (SWI)


9.) FLUENCE / Peter Kengelbacher, Jochen Röhl, Ruedi Nägeli, Marco Matulic, Harmed Haidery (SWI)

This vehicle is owned by Renault Switzerland AG and is driven by two teams. In the first week, team leader is Peter Kengelbacher, who normally works as product managing engineering at FREI AG. In the second week, Jochen Röhl from Tübingen will take over.
TEAM A: (From Genova to Basel)Peter Kengelbacher is participating because of he is convinced of electric cars, because they are clean. He also likes driving in silence, which is a great experience no one should miss. Peter is also convinced that the price of petrol will go up very soon, and that we should use our remaining oil for better things than cars. Peter is convinced, that the time for electric cars has come! Follow his blog on:
Team B (From Basel to Holland)  Jochen Roehl is joining the WAVE Team Fluence because he is impressed by the concept of this famous electric vehicle roadshow. In addition, he also admires Renault for its commitment to spend and advertise a lot to promote future oriented solution of individual free movement of people. Personally as a geologist and paleoclimatologist, related to petroleum geologists from Oil companies and from research groups at universities, he beieves it is a crime to humanity and all living creatures on Earth to burn vast amounts of the precious resource called “petroleum” just by driving cars. Peak oil and global warming are accepted facts so R.E.Z.E. driving has to become popular!
10.) CITYSAX / Jack Albani (GER)

11.) Czech Electric Vehicle Club / Jaromír Vegr (CZR) & Ralf Zimmermann (GER)

Jaromir owns and drives several electric vehicles and is the president of the Czech EV club. Ralf drives electric vehicles since 2008, and is actively engaged in building new charging stations with The team's vehicle is an electric Peugeot 106, originally built with a NiCd battery and 100km range. In 2012, Jaromir placed a 51 kWh LiFePO battery in the vehicle and made a record drive reaching a distance of 502km. Jaromir and Ralf first met in July 2012 at a meeting of electric vehicle drivers in the Czech Republic.This collaboration in the WAVE will create new bonds between the countries. Their WAVE blog can be found at
12.) E-WOLF / Fabian Krohn, Marco Dannehl, Ruben Seidel, Nico Graf (GER)

The e-Wolf Team consists of two e-Wolf employees, Marco Dannehl and Fabian Krohn and two students from a co-operation partner Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Nico Graf and Ruben Seidel. E-Wolf joined the WAVE to demonstrate that electric mobility works and is reliable even under tough conditions – and this is already the case today! Furthermore, e-Wolf wants to show with its minibus DELTA 2 that electric vehicles do not need to be a compromise in terms of space and payload. and follow our WAVE on
13.) ZEROTRACER / Frank Loacker & Tobias Wülser (SWI)

14.) ETH TESLA / Simon Müller, Roger Staubli, Moritz Wiessner, Daniel Vincenz, Manuel Inauen, Constatin Overlack (SWI)

15.) MOTOR-TALK / EMOTORSPORTNEWS / Ralf-Martin Tauer & Douglas Peck (GER / GBR)

Ralf-Martin Tauer has been blogging since more than 6 years now on the German platform This platform is is frequented by more than 2 million users predominantly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is very happy having the great opportunity to participate as a social media expert and blogger to the WAVE2012 by sharing this innovative and forward-looking event with the community. Innovation also plays a part in his professional life namely in that he works for a branch of the German team|neusta in France that focusses on sustainable and responsible IT off-shoring.
16.) GREEN MOTOR SPORT LIMITED / Gordon Foat & Katherine Foat (GBR)

Team consists of Marc Kudling and Thomas Endriß from Germany.  With a Nissan Leaf, the team wants to show that battery-electric vehicles are suitable for everyday use. The team wants to convince people to consider battery-electric vehicles as an equal alternative to conventionally driven cars.
17.) TWIKE 2 / Barbara Wilms (GER)

18.) SCOUT VEHICLE / Vivien Dettwiler (SWI)

19.) ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE / André Laukner (GER) & Robort Kristensen (NOR)

T5 was prepared during the last weeks before the WAVE. Its first test was on Wednesday 5 September.
 If its as good as our last car, we are talking 180 km/hr, with a 180 km range.
We also have 150 km/hr charging speed from 32A / 400 V
Hopefully we won't be the ones in need of assistance.

20.) TOUR DIRECTOR / Louis Palmer (SWI)


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